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Bellinger Glasses

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Bellinger Eyewear features the tagline “Bellinger makes you feel.” This is done through their series of vintage style eyewear that has been updated in some very modern ways. While their prescription eyeglass frames look like those that came out in the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s, thanks to their rounded lenses, squared off profiles or oversized looks, you will find that they are actually quite modern.

Bellinger is based in Denmark, and their frames are designed by company owner Claus Bellinger Diedderichson. Their frames are made from a special proprietary blend of acetate that is strong and can stand up to a series of different circumstances. Each pair comes in a number of different color options, from a strong, bright single color to those that are striped, checkered, or a multi-colored collage.

Some of Bellinger’s best known styles are the Bounce-JFK line, which feature frames resembling those worn by the late U.S. President while in office; the original Blac line, which are made of carbon fiber and are still made by hand in Denmark; and the original and creative Kamaeleon line, which come with a single pair of front pieces that hold the lenses, but a number of different earpieces that can be switched out and clicked into place.

With all of these options, it is easy to how Bellinger can make you feel happy to put on your glasses each day!

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