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Boz Glasses

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During the 1990’s, designers Joëlle and Jean-François Rey ventured on into new worlds of design in the eyewear industry. By combining raw shapes and colours with bold and creative design, the Boz look was born. Over the years, many different frames have come from Boz, but what remains is the nature-inspired, fantasy-like design language that distinguishes the brand from others.

Even Boz Eyewear’s “standard” styles are unique in some way. The frames may be of a classic shape and size, but are made of purple checkered acetate, decorated with tiny rhinestone studs, or features a swirl of metal on the earpieces. It is this refined attention to unusual details that is the hallmark of Boz Eyewear.


Boz Eyewear was founded in the 1990s by Joëlle Rey and Jean-François Rey. Their eyewear designs for women are influenced by many different things, including Baroque art, plants and other natural elements, and Japanese culture with a sense of dramatic flair thrown in for fun. Each pair is made of acetate, and is sure to help you express yourself through your choice of eyewear. You can easily see each style was designed expressly with dramatic, bold and sometimes artistic women in mind.

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