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Entourage of 7 Glasses

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The Los Angeles based designers at Entourage of 7 Eyewear believe that the details matter. This is why they have designed each pair of their glasses frames with such details at 10 karat gold rivets and hinges, as well as a matching 10 karat gold logo on each.

The frames themselves are crafted in Japan, and most are made of acetate. The styles evoke those popular in the 1950s and 1960s, complete with round or large shaped lenses, thick front pieces and colors ranging from solid black to many shades of a tortoiseshell-like pattern. There are even several styles made solely out of titanium, complete with medical grade silicone nosepads for an extra touch of comfort. Pick up a pair, study it closely, and you will see all of the details that are included in each pair of Entourage of 7 Eyewear.

Entourage of 7 was started in the Venice Beach area of southern California back in 2007. The name comes from the luck attached to the number 7, as well as the number of people who got together to form the company. Head designer Jakob Talbo is the one who designs each style of frame and comes up with all of the details that turn this line of eyewear into one of luxury.

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