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Feb31st Glasses

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Feb31st eyewear is as fashion forward as the name of the company suggests – a date that does not exist, yet everyone strives to reach it. That sums up Feb31st’s philosophy in a nutshell. This eyewear brand is based in Italy, and prides itself on being a place where different entrepreneurs from various backgrounds and walks of life can get together under the leadership of company creative director Valerio Cometti.

Each pair of frames in Feb31st’s collection is available in one of two different color combinations. Some are more muted, while others are meant to help you stand out amongst your peers for your creative eyewear. They offer separate styles for both men and women. Most are made of acetate or wood, although there are a few pairs of frames that are made of titanium. Their separate sunglass line consists of colorful frames that come with non-prescription lenses.

On top of their “ready to wear” lines of eyeglasses (not counting the lenses, of course), Feb31st also has a series of create your own frames. You can pick from one of their popular styles and choose the color combination that you would like it to be in. From there, your frames will be custom made just for you – and you will have reached the epitome of fashionable eyewear.

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