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JF Rey Glasses

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J.F. Rey is a French line of eyeglasses for men, women and children. They have styles that were created especially for teenagers, as well as a petite line for adults with small faces. It is hard to resist a line of eyewear that seems to have covered all of its bases well.

J.F. Rey specializes in classically styled frames that come in a wide variety of funky colors and patterns. Options include lace, pixels (which resemble the special effects in 1980s music videos), tweed and stripes. They also have eyewear that is made of high tech fibers and wood. The company has taken basic styles and designs and turned them into modern day masterpieces that are both lightweight and strong.

With so many different options to choose from, you will no doubt have a hard time picking just one. This is why you need to call in the expertise of Vision Gallery. Make an appointment to have you eyes checked and one of our experts will help you pick the very best J.F. Rey eyeglass frames for your needs. They will be both flattering and fashion forward at the same time.

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