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Juicy Couture Glasses

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Juicy Couture is a clothing and accessory line designed by Gela Nash-Taylor and Pamela Skaist-Levy. The line launched in 1997 and at first, specialized in fashionable track suits with matching jackets and pants that said the word “juicy” in various places. Over time, the line has expanded to include perfumes, accessories and other items, including eyeglass frames.

Like the inspiration of the designers, Juicy Couture eyewear can best be described as retro, with a modern twist and a hint of California cool. Their sunglasses come in cats’ eye, aviator and wayfarer styles, complete with bejeweled frames and funky details. Their line of standard frames is similar, yet quite different, due to their more contemporary stylings that will work on many different female faces. Yet, the colorful details are still present, in the form of the words “Juicy Couture” on the earpieces and the unusual (for frames) colors like light blue, pink, and shades of purple. Despite their designs, the details shout “Juicy Couture,” almost literally.

Juicy Couture clothing and accessories have a number of celebrity fans, due in part to where the designers are based (southern California) as well as the overall style and quality of each piece. If you want to express yourself, you cannot go wrong with a pair of Juicy Couture frames.

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