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Kilsgaard Glasses

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“Urban coolness” is the calling card aesthetic of Danish eyewear company Kilsgaard. They believe that eyewear should not be all about what is trendy one season and out the next. Classic style, attention to detail, and superior, long-lasting craftsmanship are the guiding principles of Kilsgaard Eyewear,

Kilsgaard’s eyewear is both contemporary and elegant, timeless and minimalist, cool, yet comfortable. They design sunglasses and eyeglasses for both men and women that are made from a special blend of durable aluminum or acetate – although acetate frames still have that special aluminum base to keep them light and extra strong. Kilsgaard’s aluminum frame colors are locked into the metal using an anodizing process, meaning they will not flake, chip, or fade over time – the colors will remain as vibrant as the day you purchased the frames.

Does the best in Danish design appeal to you? Do you want eyewear that is durable and classic, yet cool? Then Kilsgaard frames may be just what you’ve been looking for. Try on a pair at Vision Gallery.

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