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Orgreen Glasses

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Orgreen Optics specializes in the dramatic. Each pair of their eyeglass frames is named after an iconic film actor or actress, and the eyewear certainly follows suit. Their eyewear is not for the faint of heart, although it does veer from feminine and romantic to masculine and tough.

Orgreen Optics is a Denmark-based company that designs high-end eyewear that is made in Japan of materials built to last. Titanium, specially sourced wood, actual pearls, acetate, and beta-titanium are just a few of the materials that go into certain models. When was the last time you saw wooden trim on a pair of titanium framed eyeglasses? Never, right? We thought so.

The frame styles and shapes designed by Orgreen Optics are meant to fit a wide variety of face shapes and sizes. Their glasses for women are practically dainty, complete with pearl trimming and other fine details, but the women who wear them know that their Orgreen eyewear gives them power as well. The same is true for the men who choose to wear on the Orgreen’s many styles made of titanium or beta-titanium.  These classic, high-end glasses will make an impact, in more ways than one.

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