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Oscar Magnuson

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Oscar Magnuson

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Simple and classic are the two words that fit Oscar Magnuson eyewear the best. The frames created by this Swedish designer come in several different styles and colors. Some have squared-off lenses, while others are rounded – but not too round. You won’t find any funky patterns or off-kilter designs in this line.

Oscar Magnuson frames are available both for prescription eyeglass lenses and for prescription sunglass lenses, and there is a separate line of non-prescription sunglasses for contact lens wearers or anyone who appreciates the simplicity of a classic frame.

Each pair of frames is made of Italian acetate, and comes in a number of solid colors and patterns, including tortoiseshell, light blue, amber and a dark gray. The colors are as basic as the designs themselves, which are what makes these frames unique. You might stand out from the crowd, but your glasses will not – unless someone admires their quality construction.

Oscar Magnuson started out as an industrial designer and designs each pair of frames from a technical standpoint. He believes that even the slightest difference in the size or color of a pair of eyeglasses can make a huge difference in your overall work.

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