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Paul Frank Glasses

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Paul Frank is known more for his line of cartoony wallets, bedding and clothing. However, the eyewear produced by Paul Frank Industries is just as iconic, but in a more toned down way. The prescription eyeglass frames designed and produced by Paul Frank Industries come in classic styles and shapes, including full rimmed and partial rimmed eyewear in a series of playful colors.

Paul Frank Industries was founded in California in 1995. At first the company made vinyl wallets and similar items emblazoned with their signature cartoon monkey character named Julius. Over time, they expanded into many different things, including eyewear.

The best way to describe Paul Frank eyewear is: playful. Their frames come in many different colors, including light blue and yellow. Some of their frames have solid colored tops, but patterned bottoms. One example of this is a pair featuring a lens section with a dark top and striped black and white bottom. These careful touches are what make Paul Frank Industries’ acetate eyewear unique.

If you have been in the market for eyewear that expresses your original point of view and sense of style, look no further than those made and designed by Paul Frank.

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