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Ralph Lauren Glasses

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Ralph Lauren is a quintessential American fashion label that designed this year’s uniforms for the United States Olympic team’s opening and closing ceremonies. Besides this, the Polo Ralph Lauren brand, one of many offshoots of the original, eponymous Ralph Lauren design house, is known for its classic preppy-ness and the iconic polo pony logo

Although Polo Ralph Lauren creates designed for both men and women, the Polo Ralph Lauren eyewear line is exclusively for men – sorry ladies! The iconic logo appears on every pair of frames designed and produced by the line. Whether it is on the outside or the inside of the eyewear, it is present, and is a stamp of timeless, classic preppy design, and superior quality.

Polo Ralph Lauren glasses offer casual, yet classic acetate or wire frames in many different styles, including aviator and square frames. Each pair comes in versatile colors like silver, black, beige, brown or tortoiseshell. Do you think that the classic, preppy style of Polo Ralph Lauren eyewear will work for you? Call Vision Gallery today!

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