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The Best Glasses Frames for Square-Shaped Faces

Squared Shaped FaceIf you’re looking for a new pair of glasses, and don’t know where to start – start with your face shape! The shape of your face determines what style of frames will suit you best. And while sometimes it’s good to break the rules, picking your frames based off your face shape narrows down the initial search and gives you a good starting point. Read on to learn about the best frames for a square-shaped face!

How Do I Know if I Have a Square Face?

A square face is characterized by a prominent forehead and strong jawline. It’s very angular in nature, and is usually proportional in width and length. Some celebrities with square faces include: Rhianna, Natalie Portman, and Brad Pitt.

Things to Look for in Frames

If you have a square face, you’ll want to look for glasses that soften the sharpness of your facial features and balance the angles in your face. By adding contrast to strong facial features, you’ll be able to elongate your face. Here are a couple of frame features that complement a square-shaped face:

  • Round or oval frames
  • Thinner frames
  • Frames with upswept corners
  • Go for contrast: don’t be afraid to go for a pop of color! Reds and greens look great on blondes. Blacks and pinks flatter brunettes, and any dark color complements people with black hair. Remember, the goal is to draw the eye away from your strong features, so have some fun with your frame selection!

Things to Avoid in Frames

The most important thing for a person with a square-shaped face to avoid when choosing a pair of frames is adding more angles to their face. The goal is to soften the face, not make it more angular. In order to bring balance to your face, be sure to stay away from geometric or square-shaped glasses.

In Need of New Glasses?

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