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Kate Spade Glasses

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Preppy and timeless are two words that describe Kate Spade eyewear. Each pair is a modern classic, made of acetate in an array of interesting color combination. Kate Spade makes both standard non-prescription sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses, and the frames are radically different when you compare the two lines.

Kate Spade’s prescription eyeglass frames all feature smaller lenses, and staid colors, like black and dark blue. There are some “pops” of color to be found, but they are mostly on the back side of the frames and on the earpieces. The non-prescription sunglass frames are quite different. Oversized lenses, colorful patterns and kooky lens shapes – like a design that is made to resemble a large pair of lips – are everywhere. Both types of frames are made solely for women.

The Kate Spade line of accessories, which includes eyewear, was founded in the mid-1990s by Kate Spade. She named her eponymous line after herself, and started off with a series of upscale, yet not exorbitantly priced classic handbags in quirky colors. Like the handbags, the eyewear that is a part of this line is quirky, yet classic. Thankfully, they do not share the same price tag.

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