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Blurry vision or trouble seeing is one of the most common health concerns from infants to young children – thankfully diagnosing any visual impairments is both easy to check and quick to fix.  We always recommend early and regular eye exams to diagnose any issues to ensure your children are not disadvantaged at school and more importantly that their quality of life isn’t affected.

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The visual development of our children is important and regular eye tests are advised. This can make sure that any visual impairments are detected and they can be easily corrected with the correct prescription glasses or any other specialized requirements.  The big question we get before parents visit for an eye exam is – how do I know my child might need glasses? While we always recommend seeing an Optometrist for a children’s eye exam, here are a few signs that your child may be having some visual difficulty:

  • Squinting the eyes
  • Twitching
  • Greying of the pupil
  • Excessive blinking
  • Eye rubbing
  • Poor tracking skills

If parents wear glasses or any eye diseases run in the family, it’s best to arrange an appointment with one of our optometrists. We are an experience team that not only love children but are parent’s ourselves! We want to ensure you can enjoy peace of mind and know your child will have a comfortable experience and you’ll leave confident in their visual developmental growth.


At What Age Should Your Child  Have Their First Eye Exam?

The first trip to the optometrist is usually around the age of six months old. This will include testing pupil responses, fixation skills and preferential looking. It’s essential to visit an optometrist before your child starts school at the age of five or six. This can ensure that their vision doesn’t hold them back with their development and make sure their vision is the best it can be during their early school years.

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Keeping Your Child’s Vision in Top Shape

Turning 14 is another essential milestone for an eye exam. There may be visual changes during adolescence and an optometrist will be able to detect it. In particular, this is when short-sightedness can start to develop.

Continuing with a regular schedule, we recommended your child completes an eye examination every two years with one of our optometrists. If your child already had prescription eyeglasses, it is best to have an annual eye examination to make sure there aren’t any further changes. This can also ensure there’s no other medical conditions that could be happening behind the scenes out of everyday view.

If your child does need a pair of prescription glasses, we have Edmonton’s largest selection to ensure they’ll not only love their glasses, but they’ll fit and remain comfortable. You can visit us in-store to browse through our frames or check online across our wide brand selection. We guarantee there’s a style you’ll love just as much as they do; including one that fits your budget.

Remember, it’s essential that children complete regular eye examinations to make sure their vision is healthy. At The Vision Gallery, we’re here to help your children seeing their best.

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