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Oakley Glasses

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Oakley has been designing and manufacturing optical lenses and frames since its founding in 1975. Starting in Southern California, the company has grown their products and are now offering them around the world. Oakley has also expanded their product line to include goggles, footwear, clothing, and other accessories.

In regards to sunglasses, Oakley produces two types of eyewear, performance athletic glasses and everyday lifestyle eyewear. Over the years the production of these glasses has improved with advancements in technology and numerous patents by Oakley. For example, every lens features High Definition Optics which improves vision by reducing distortion and other imperfections in magnification.

Other technologies include polarization which utilizes liquid infusion, enabling the polarizing filter to be bonded at a molecular level, preventing hazing and distortion. Polarized lenses also feature Axis of Polarization which ensures the best position of the polarizing filter, Polarized Emission which ensure effective and efficient polarization, Impact Resistance to help maintain the glasses, and Hydrophobic technology which reduces water and oil buildup in turn improving clarity and vision.

Another branch of Oakley eyewear includes prescription glasses. The lenses are offered in a variety of colours, as well as with different polarizations and performance coatings. The frames available include those made of aluminum, titanium, acetate, and other metals with shape memory technology. Also available is Colour Inherence technology so lenses never fade, interchangeable lenses, and the advanced Oakley Rx system which maps light in a 3D grid for a more precise link between the eye and lens. Oakley prescription glasses are also available with TRANSITIONS which automatically darkens and lightens lenses in accordance with environment lighting.

Oakley offers a variety of frame styles and lenses for both men and women. Be it for sports or everyday use, Oakley has a long lineup of glasses with something for everyone.

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Update on Face Masks June, 2022

In following guidelines from the Alberta College of Optometrists, we are no longer requiring masks in our clinic.

We do however, encourage and appreciate our customers who continue to wear masks in our clinics as we are a healthcare-based facility.

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