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Fysh Glasses

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Fysh eyewear is as cool and unusual as its purposeful misspelling of the word “fish.” Whether you want a retro style that has been remade with wavy eyepieces or a pair of glasses that is party on the inside (due to the pattern on the inside of the frames) and business on the outside (thanks to a solid color on the outer, more visible part of the frame) then Fysh eyewear is what you have been looking for.

Fysh eyewear is designed in the United Kingdom, although their frames are sold throughout the world. Their eyewear is available in many different styles, including those with partial rims, whole rims, and even no rims (a.k.a. rimless) frames. Once you have decided on an overall style, you then have your choice of either metal or acetate frames, as well as many different color options and designs within that overall category.

Fysh frames are sturdy, well-made, and practically guaranteed to be showstoppers. After all, it is the extra details that matter, especially for people who are large fans of the brand. Those who wear them want a good pair of glasses that makes them stand out from the crowd. Thanks to the creative designers at Fysh eyewear, that is indeed possible.

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