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We LOVE glasses – but one of the most frustrating things is having to switch between your prescription glasses and sunglasses when the sun’s out. We hate compromising between squinting and, well, squinting. That’s where Prescription Sunglasses work their magic. They’re a one-stop solution for improving your vision and protecting your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Ultraviolet (UV) rays aren’t just present during the summertime; they can also be out all year round in our Edmonton winters without you noticing. Choosing prescription sunglasses can allow you to feel comfortable in bright conditions and promote positive eye health.

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At The Vision Gallery, we can help you see and look better no matter how sunny it is outside. We have a team of experienced optometrists at two convenient locations in Edmonton and Beaumont, with an endless selection of designer and luxury branded sunglasses to choose from. We’re constantly updating our styles so you can create the perfect look. We also offer comprehensive eye examinations so your prescription sunglasses are perfectly aligned with your vision requirements.

Are Prescription Sunglasses Worth It?

We make the process easy. Regardless of what your prescription is, from near-sightedness, far-sightedness or specialized requirements like progressive and bifocals lenses – we’ve got you covered. Even better, we can fit most sunglasses frames with tinted prescription lenses so you can look your best while seeing your best!

Besides the frustration of switching your glasses back and forth, prescription sunglasses can be a huge help safety wise. In fact, prescription sunglasses are highly recommended for safe commuting in the car. Sun glare from the seasonal sun shift can cause accidents on the road by impairing your vision so that you can’t see cars or pedestrians in from of you. With a pair of prescription sunglasses, you can continuously see the road and not put your life on the line; get the necessary vision correction that you need, alongside tinted lenses. In particular, polarized lenses are the best for preventing glare from the road, water and other windshields.

If you wear contact lenses, you may think there isn’t any point in purchasing prescription sunglasses. But, as contact-wearers ourselves, we think they are still a great investment to make! Particularly here in the prairies where the summer heat can often make your eyes feel dry and may make your contact lenses uncomfortable to wear, not to mention the cold dry air of the winter. Instead, you can wear your prescription sunglasses and not have to sacrifice vision correction.

Photochromic Lenses

A great way to meet in the middle is by using Photochromic lenses. This latest lens technology actively changes it’s tint depending on the environmental conditions. That is, inside or in low-light conditions, the lenses act a standard clear lens allowing for crisp clear vision; when exposed to bright UV light, they actively darken and tint to provide squint-free vision and UV protection.

Of course, staying in style is a huge factor with any sunglasses. At The Vision Gallery, we’ve got you covered with a number of popular brands available that you can choose from and select different styles, colours and tints. Some of the brands we have include Michael Kors, Gucci, Giorgio Armani and Tiffany and Co to name a few. There’s a style to suit everyone, with a combination of boutique, luxury and designer brands available. If you like bold sunglasses that follow the trends, perhaps you will be interested in large frames like the aviators. If you prefer soft and subtle, you can opt for rimless frames. The choice is yours at The Vision Gallery. With 2 convenient locations in Edmonton and Beaumont, you can stop in and browse our available selection of frames in-store or online today!

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