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Hugo Boss Glasses

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Hugo Boss eyewear can best be described as both modern and classic at the same time. Neutral colors and standard designs, for example, rimless frames, will never go out of style, yet have a slightly modern feel to them, thanks to their well-sourced and high tech materials.

Although Hugo Boss is primarily known as a men’s fashion line, they have branched out in recent years to include women, too. Their eyewear is no exception to this, as smaller frames and daintier styles make up the eyeglasses that they make for women. On the men’s side of things, their eyeglass frames remain slightly more “macho” without going overboard.

Hugo Boss started his eponymous line of clothing and accessories in Germany in 1924. He started out making only men’s clothing, primarily suits, although by the 1980s had branched out into women’s accessories as well. Hugo Boss still does not make clothing for women, only for men. However, this does not have an impact on his eyewear.

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