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Comprehensive Eye Exams

Here at The Vision Gallery we offer the best in comprehensive eye examination. Our highly trained optometrists strive to provide comfortable and competent treatment to all patients. Read on to learn more about our eye examination services.

Comprehensive Eye Examsin Edmonton

Comprehensive eye exams with our Optometrists include:

  • Up to date prescriptions for glasses or contacts,
  • Glaucoma screening,
  • External-internal exam,
  • Binocular vision testing,
  • And a full eye health exam.

It is common knowledge that eye exams are vital to children’s development and senior’s health— but everyone needs regular eye exams. During a routine check-up, your optometrist is checking for much more than blurry vision. There are dozens of eye health issues that present very few if any noticeable symptoms and the only way to be certain is to schedule yearly eye exams.

Are you under 19 or over 65? Alberta Health covers your eye exams. These age ranges are most susceptible to eye development and degeneration problems, so don’t lose your vision over money worries– schedule your eye exam today!

What to expect:

  • Eye pressure test: A gentle puff of air is blown into each eye by your health professional. This measures the pressure of fluid within the eye– essential to diagnosing serious eye conditions.
  • Retinal photograph: Light is used to take a picture of the inside your eye. Symptoms of many vision health issues can be studied this way.
  • Colour vision test: Coloured images are shown and the patient is asked to identify shapes, numbers or letters. Determines ability to see colour. More commonly tested in children.
  • Depth perception test: Many versions exist, but the purpose is to determine how well your eyes work together to determine an object’s depth or distance from the eye. More commonly tested in children.
  • Eyestrain test: Useful for office workers or anyone who spends a lot of time looking at screens or monitors. Identifies how well your eyes adjust to switching focus from near to far, among other factors.

The Vision Gallery is also equipped to fill out and/or certify any specialty forms you might have. Seniors’ driving forms, post-stroke vision tests and employment vision tests (ie: welders, etc.) are just some the needs that we can help complete.

So visit The Vision Gallery and consult with our experts and optometrist to address any concerns you may have about your eye health or eye exams in general. We are here to help you see clearly!

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