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Marc Jacobs Glasses

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Marc Jacobs eyewear is both classic, understated and stylish, much like the clothing created by fashion designer Marc Jacobs, who named his line after himself. Each pair of eyeglasses is a slightly contemporary take on a classic eye shape, with styles including oversized cat eye frames, wayfarers and aviators.

Sunglasses, prescription sunglasses, and prescription eyeglasses are all available, each made in a neutral color from either acetate or metal, depending largely on the overall design. Of course, there are a few styles that go beyond the lines of classic and veer into a more inventive category. Those fitting into the latter group include those with thick acetate (instead of the classic thin metal) frames and glasses with modified and enlarged oval lenses.

Marc Jacobs launched his eponymous clothing line in 1993, and expanded into accessories as the years went on.  His eyewear for both men and women is understated and elegant, much like the other items in the line. Those looking for a pair of designer frames that are not too “out there” and who like their presence to whisper instead of shout will find that Marc Jacobs eyewear fits them like a glove.

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