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Evatik Glasses

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Evatik eyewear dubs itself as “the ultimate fashion accessory.” This means that this men’s line of fashionable sunglasses and prescription glasses is a new take on old styles. Wayfarers are made funky due to a blue and black checkered pattern on the earpieces and plenty of interesting details.

Evatik eyewear is available as standard prescription eyeglasses, as prescription sunglasses, and of course, as regular (non-prescription) sunglasses, meaning that they fit many different needs and lifestyles. No matter what type of lenses you need, Evatik has it covered.

Not only are Evatik eyeglasses meant to give you an aura of fashion forward mystery, they are designed to last, thanks to their use of high tech materials, including wood, metals and a special blend of acetate. This makes them both stylish and modern, thanks to the unusual styling. Each pair is also lightweight, and therefore, comfortable to wear. It can be hard to top a pair of Evatik eyeglasses!

There are only 31 different models of Evatik eyewear to choose from, and each model comes in several colors and patterns, allowing you to choose the ones that fit you the best. If you think that Evatik eyewear is for you, visit Vision Gallery today!

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Update on Face Masks February 15, 2022

As per the Alberta College of Optometrists, “face masks are still required for all optometrists, staff, patients and other visitors to the clinic regardless of age”. 

The recent Premier’s announcement lifting the mask requirement for children 12 and under pertains to other locations such as schools, restaurants and gyms.  However, the City of Edmonton mask bylaw still stands.  Furthermore, optometry clinics are part of essential community health services. As such, the mask requirement in clinic has not changed. 

Patients with an official mask exemption must contact the clinic to arrange a safe time and space for their visit.

We will keep this page updated should Public Health Measures change in the future. 

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Julie Dien-Fong via email at: info.ne@thevisiongallery.ca.