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Among the standard health check-ups for your kids, it’s just as important for children to complete regular eye examinations with a Pediatric Eye Doctor as any other health-care professional. We’re here to make sure your child is getting the best out of their quality of life and visual development. With regular examinations, any abnormality and vision problems can be detected and corrected to increase overall academic performance, happiness and ongoing development.

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Early eye examinations can make sure your child has visual acuity up close and at a distance. We ensure there is correct eye movement and your child has the ability to focus properly. Everybody needs to have their eyes tested, however with children, exams catch any pre-developing conditions before they become a sustained issue.

Some of the common vision problems experienced by children include:

  • Near-sightedness, or Far-sightedness
  • Lazy eye
  • Poor tracking
  • Wandering eye

It’s recommended that your child has their first eye examination at six months old. This ensures that their eyes are healthy and there are no early vision problems that should be corrected. Another important milestone is when they are three years old, following by the age of five or six before they go into their first grade at school. This can prevent setbacks in school performance.

We also recommend that children of school age should have regular eye examinations every two years. This is true even if your child has not experienced any problems with their eyesight. If your child does have eyeglasses, a pediatric eye doctor should see them at least once annually to make sure there are no further changes with their eyesight.

At The Vision Gallery, we have a team of skilled and experienced optometrists to carry out expert assessment on your children’s eyes. We have a combined experience of 50 years, which means that your child is in the best hands. We also have advanced training, along with the latest clinical tools to complete a thorough evaluation of children’s vision. Most importantly, our team are parents themselves! We know an eye exam can be a stressful event and we’ve got the experience to ensure your child feels comfortable and relaxed during the entire examination.

Our optometrists will examine your child’s eyes for medical conditions and discuss any family history of eye conditions that could increase their risk of problems. By visiting our pediatric eye doctors now, you can prevent any future serious eye issues and ensure your child back is maximizing their education at school. Remember, children that are under the age of 19 are covered by Alberta Health which makes exams easier to check on the do-to list.

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