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Michael Kors Glasses

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Michael Kors might be best known for his appearances as a judge alongside Heidi Klum and Nina Garcia on Project Runway. However, his eponymous fashion line contains clothing, shoes and accessories – including eyewear.

Like Michael Kors himself, his eyewear designs are classic and seldom go out of style. Aviator frames made from metal or acetate, as well oversized lenses and other vintage and classic styles are what personify his line. He designs both sunglasses and standard frames for prescription lenses in several different styles and colors, but the line linking them both can best be described by the word “classic.”

Michael Kors launched his first fashion line in 1981. Although it was a big hit, he did not begin designing eyewear until several years later. Now, his classic sensibilities and chic designs have been translated into many different realms, and eyewear has been included in that.

Whether you are a big fan of Project Run, Michael Kors himself, or simply want a pair of glasses that is both stylish and well-designed, look no further than Michael Kors eyewear. Vision Gallery sells several different styles of Michael Kors frames, and you will no doubt be able to find just the right ones for your needs.

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