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OGA Glasses

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OGA is Scandinavian design at its finest. This line of men’s prescription eyeglass frames is owned and distributed by France-based Morel Lunettes, who have been making eyewear for many years. The OGA line launched several years ago, in 2011, with the intention of adding well-made, upscale, Scandinavian architecture inspired men’s eyewear to the market.

OGA’s styles are all fairly classic. You have your choice of rounded squared-off lenses in a number of different colors, ranging from dark red to white, black, blue and gray. Some styles have temple sections that are made of wood, while others consist of acetate, metals and other high-tech materials. No matter which, they are designed to be comfortable, well-fitting and properly designed.

Once you have chosen a design (half-frame, full frame and frame-less designs exist for you to choose from) you then get to pick the color. Each pair of frames is available in up to ten different color combinations, thus ensuring that you will find one that fits you. OGA eyewear is made from the very best materials, and will last you for years to come – while staying stylish at the same time.

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