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Etnia Glasses

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It all started ten years back when a group of twenty year old’s had a dream: to make their frames an international success. Starting out, the group had no business knowledge, no idea how to grow a brand or how to build a company in the marketplace. However, what they did have was a commitment to quality and customers, on top of their ambition to create a global brand.

As the company grew, the operation changed. However, even with the changes, designer’s freedom remained. With a free mind, designers can run with a dream, create art, and produce a frame that is enjoyed around the world.


At Etnia Barcelona, a large variety of frames are created using an abundance of fun colours and styles, of which enable one to express who they are through the glasses they wear. Acetate colours and textures are used to create the many frames Etnia Barcelona offers. The acetate is created by combining cotton and acetone which then produces a paste. Colour is added to the paste and it is then cured, cut, and laminated, and is put into a mould, which is aged for 12 weeks. The mould is then cut to the requested size and shipped to customers around the world. Other materials Etnia uses for frames include titanium and other metals.

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Update on Face Masks June, 2022

In following guidelines from the Alberta College of Optometrists, we are no longer requiring masks in our clinic.

We do however, encourage and appreciate our customers who continue to wear masks in our clinics as we are a healthcare-based facility.

 If you have any questions or concerns regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Julie Dien-Fong via email at: