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Popular Classic Eyeglasses Frames

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Some of the most dominant designs in eyewear transcend fads, styles and even decades. Contemporary and retro at the same time, form meets function in the following classic eyeglasses frames.


Whether chunky or slim, full-frame or half, there are few eyewear styles as iconic as the swooped-up corners of cat eye glasses. Considered classic almost as soon they were first introduced in the 1950’s, the cat eye look is hot again on runways and magazines alike. Look for the signature style interpreted by legendary designers like Fendi and Versace.


One military-inspired accessory has remained widely popular since it was first introduced in WWII– aviator sunglasses were actually invented for pilots in the 1930s. Their sleek design, convex lenses and large surface area all offer benefits to vision– and style! Many designers are embracing the classic aviator shape with a wide variety of materials and lenses.


‘Browline’ glasses are so-called because they feature a chunky frame across the top of the glasses with a thin or frameless bottom half. Popularized in the 1950s, browline frames remain as stylish today as they were when worn by icons such as James Dean and Malcom X. Choose a bold browline if you are looking for a subtle, intellectual look– with just a dash of Don Draper!


From Buddy Holly to the Blues Brothers, we’re all familiar with the ‘box-frame’ or Wayfarer style of glasses. Once the go-to specs for nerds and rock stars alike, the classic style has become widely worn among men and women of all ages. Clear or tinted lenses, you simply can’t go wrong with the timeless look of a box-frame Wayfarer from Ray-Ban or other similarly influenced models from many modern designers.


Looking for an understated, minimal style? Consider rimless frames. The subtle effect of rimless eyewear has been appreciated and worn by world leaders and CEOs alike. Sophisticated and versatile, rimless frames compliment any style– it’s no wonder they have remained popular for so many years.

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