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LIFE’S A TWITCH: Treating & Identifying “Eye Twitch”

Eye twitch has many different causes - The Vision Gallery

It’s an all-too-common problem: a nagging eyelid twitch that seems to persist for long periods of time. Why have so many of us experienced eye twitching? Is it something to be worried about? Generally, no– minor eyelid twitch is most often a normal symptom of our modern-day lifestyle choices. While there are serious cases, these are easily identifiable as a medical problem and not minor eyelid twitch. Read on for the details!


Extremely common in adolescence and adulthood, a minor eyelid twitch usually develops during periods of fatigue or high stress. Other factors, such as alcohol, tobacco and caffeine, can cause or worsen the twitching. The symptoms can be annoying and persistent– twitches occurring every few minutes or even seconds– but they are ultimately temporary and pain-free.

The best treatment for minor eyelid twitch is rest, relaxation and a healthy diet. Scale back alcohol, tobacco and caffeine intake, while focusing on getting eight hours of sleep each night. If twitching persists, it may be necessary to consult your optometrist or another medical professional.


In rare cases, eye twitching can indicate a range of health problems when observed by a doctor. If you suffer chronic eye twitching, make note of any of the following serious symptoms and report them to your doctor:

  • Twitching persisting more than a week, despite lifestyle changes;
  • Total closure of eye during twitches;
  • Other facial spasms or twitches;
  • Swollen, puffy or red eyelids;
  • Drooping upper eyelid.

While possibly harmless, these symptoms also coincide with other health complications.

If you have any questions or concerns about your minor eyelid twitch or related symptoms, visit or contact the Vision Gallery today. Our medical experts are standing by to offer advice and referral so you can address your specific needs.


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