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Choose the Best Eyeglasses for your Face


Ever wonder why frames that look great on a friend or your fave celeb end up looking totally wrong on you? Ever see the “perfect” frames, put them on, and then can’t take them off fast enough? Well, certain frames are actually better suited to certain face shapes. Follow this handy guide to find the right frames to accent your natural beauty:


A narrow chin anchoring a much wider forehead, usually with high or accented cheekbones. Heart-shaped faces are soft and seek balance. Consider round or geometric frames that widen at the bottom. Rimless frames can also offer a lightness that compliments the upside-down triangle of a heart-shaped face.


Overall balanced proportions, with a slightly narrower chin and often high cheekbones. Oval faces are the most versatile and flexible face shapes when it comes to eyewear. Balance allows for experimentation, but you may want to avoid rounded or oval frames; they may be too similar to your face shape. Otherwise, try everything! Upswept corners may accent and narrow your face, but avoid disrupting your balance.


Similar head width and length, usually characterized by delicate features and full cheeks. Embrace the opposite! Use angles and geometric shapes to your advantage, as round frames will only accentuate your already soft lines. Go bold rather than timid; dark colours and materials will draw attention to the definition provided by your frames. High temples can also provide a slimming effect.


Prominent forehead and jawline with defined lines and angles. Rounded or circular frames can offer a balancing contrast, as well as frames that are widest at the widest part of your face. Heavy lines above the eyes will also draw eyes to the centre of your face, while rimless or near-rimless frames will offer a more subtle, refined look.


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