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Caring for & Maintaining Prescription Eyewear


Technology has come a long way in producing lighter, stronger and more comfortable glasses and contacts. Still, corrective lenses are no small investment and it remains important to treat them with care. Properly maintained eyewear will last longer and ensure your vision stays clear for the lifetime of the product. Read on for a few tips on prescription eyewear care:


Keeping your prescription glasses or sunglasses in a case when you are not wearing them is the best way to keep them in pristine condition. Glasses are designed to sit on your face, not the nightstand or pushed onto the top of your head. Bent or damaged frames can distort your vision or even cause lenses to come loose. Hard cases are best for preventing any unintentional damage to your eyewear.


Regular cleaning is essential to seeing well through eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Glasses: Use a drop of detergent on your lenses and, using your finger, wash gently with warm water. Polish and dry with a clean, non-abrasive towel. Keep your lenses clear of dust and dirt between washes with a clean microfiber cloth or wipe– not your shirt or pants! Debris gets trapped in your clothing and will scratch your lenses over time.

 contacts: Follow all product and optometrist guidelines when using contact lenses. Always use clean, dry hands when inserting or removing lenses. If using reusable contacts, clean your lenses in fresh saline solution regularly by rubbing them gently with a fingertip in the palm of your hand. When not wearing them, always keep your contact lenses in individual, sealed containers with fresh saline solution.


Just a little basic care will go a long way, ensuring your eyewear lasts as long as possible. Avoid vision distortion and discomfort by following the above guidelines and any other care your optometrist recommends. Many products like cases and microfiber cloths are included in your eyewear purchase by reputable optometrists.

If you are unsure or need any guidance in cleaning or caring for your eyeglasses or contact lenses, contact or visit The Vision Gallery today and we can arrange a demonstration at your convenience.



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