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STAY COOL: 3 Reasons to Wear Sunglasses All Winter Long

Woman wearing sunglasses during the winter.

Sunglasses are synonymous with summer– from beaches to boardwalks; from patios to pool parties: a pair of shades is the perfect compliment to any warm weather outfit. Once winter settles in, many people put their sunglasses into storage alongside their shorts and sandals. The Vision Gallery is here to tell you that you should keep your shades handy all year long! Although the sun does not feel as warm and spends less time in the sky, you are still vulnerable to harmful effects. Check out our three essential reasons to wear your sunglasses through the winter.


UV rays are widely tied to sunburns, a common warm weather worry– but, as stated in our other blogs, these invisible light waves can also damage your eyes. Often people dismiss this worry during the winter as the sun is out less often, it’s hidden behind clouds or it simply doesn’t feel hot enough to cause any problems. Be warned: despite all these factors, UV rays are still a major threat to your health after the snow falls. The rays travel through cloud cover while snow and ice reflect 80% of all UV, doubling its impact on your skin and eyes. So protect yourself! Wear your shades and sunscreen all winter long.


Along with UV rays, snow and ice also reflect light at unexpected angles. This glare can cause you to squint, shade your eyes or even experience “snow blindness.” Perhaps it’s not a serious issue when you’re building a snowman or walking through a winter wonderland– but it can be debilitating when driving or participating in high-speed winter sports. Winter driving is dangerous as-is and clear vision is essential to athletes making split-second decisions on skis or snowboards. Ensure your safety by wearing sunglasses throughout the winter months.


Winter winds and snow chase the humidity out of the air, leaving many with complaints of dry skin, chapped lips and irritated eyes. Most remedies involve treating the dryness after you feel the effects– moisturizers, lip balms and eye drops are the most common solutions. Vision Gallery has a proactive alternative: wear sunglasses! By shielding the eyes and limiting their exposure to dry air, many people experience reduced symptoms and occurrences of uncomfortable dryness.

If you read the three reasons above, it should be clear that sunglasses must be included along with winter essentials such as gloves, scarves and toques. Sliding a pair of shades on is a simple way to prevent or limit the annoying side effects of winter conditions. Visit or contact Vision Gallery today and our customer service experts will help you find the perfect fit and style for your winter eye protection.


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