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CONTACT LENSES 101: Vision Gallery’s Top 10 Tips for Contact Lens Upkeep & Care

contact lenses with contact lens solutionSo you’ve been fitted, trained and sent home with your first supply of contact lenses… Or maybe you’re a long-time wearer of contact lenses… Either way, you could benefit from reviewing our top 10 tips for care and upkeep below!

#10: Before handling your lenses, wash and dry your hands thoroughly. Use mild, unscented soap and ensure the products you use are free of oils or moisturizing products. Towels should be dry, clean and free of lint.

#9: Don’t submerge your head while wearing contacts. Consider removing your lenses when bathing or swimming, or wear goggles to provide protection.

#8: Do not attempt to wet or clean your contact lenses with water, saliva or other liquids that are not a clearly marked, contact-specific solution. These fluids, sterile or not, can be harmful to both your lenses and your eyes.

#7: Stick to the schedule outlined by your optometrist or the contact lens manufacturer. “Stretching” your contacts by wearing them past the recommended date can be extremely harmful to your eyes. Infection, irritation and blindness are just some of the serious side effects caused by this behaviour.

#6: Apply make-up after your lenses are in and only remove your make-up before you take them out. This helps prevent the chemicals from damaging your contacts.

#5: Sleeping with contacts left in is unhealthy, as your tears cannot carry oxygen to the eye. Special lenses can be prescribed if you cannot avoid this issue.

#4: Only use your own prescription and contact lenses. Using another prescription strength can harm your eyesight and previously worn contacts can spread infection or foreign particles.

#3: Keep your bottle of saline solution clean and free of debris. Never touch the tip of the bottle or let it sit out uncapped. A dirty solution bottle will spread filth and grime to every set of contact lenses you try to clean.

#2: Ensure that you insert and position your lenses carefully in each eye. Misplaced or inside out contacts won’t harm your eyes, but they can slide out of place and cause poor vision.

#1: Most important of all: immediately report any vision loss, blurriness, flashes of light, pain, infection, swelling, redness, irritation or other eye problems to your doctor. Stop using your contacts after the first sign of these issues and strictly follow your doctor’s orders when resuming use.

The above list is only a summary of our best tips for contact lens wearers. Contact or visit Vision Gallery for a full assessment and explanation of upkeep and care. Our medical experts will walk you through the process and ensure your eyes remain healthy for as long as you use contact lenses.


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