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CONTACTS: Daily Disposables vs. Monthly Disposables

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The choice between whether you choose to wear daily or monthly contact lenses ultimately comes down to personal preference. Each type lends itself to a slightly different lifestyle. Read on to learn the differences between daily disposable contacts and monthly disposable contacts, and some of the pros and cons that come with each type.

Daily Disposables

Daily disposable contacts, also known as “dailies”, are single-use lenses that are meant to be removed and disposed of after one wear.

The Pros

  • They’re convenient – No cleaning or contact solution required! Simply put in a fresh pair every day.
  • Occasional wear – If you only wear contacts once in awhile, daily disposables offer more freedom and flexibility. Never worry about your contact solution running out or expiring again!
  • Increased comfort – Proteins, calcium, lipids and other substances that are found naturally in your tears slowly build up on your lenses over time and can cause discomfort. Daily contacts remove any chance of buildup.
  • Sports wear – Daily disposables are excellent for wearers who engage in activities where there is a good chance that some sort of foreign matter (sweat, sand, water, etc.) can make its way into your eyes. Dailies allow for quick removal and replacement (and no need for contact cleaning solution)!

The Cons

  • Decreased longevity – You don’t get as much wear out of each pair as you would with monthly disposables. If you regularly take your contacts in and out during a day, dailies probably aren’t for you!
  • You may not be eligible – Depending on your prescription, dailies may not be available to you.

Monthly Disposables

Monthly disposable contacts, also known as “monthlies”, are reusable and can be worn every day for up to a month. After the month they are discarded.

The Pros

  • More cost effective – Depending on how often you wear contacts, monthly disposables can be more cost effective (even with the addition of cleaning solution).
  • Continuous wear – Some monthly lenses offer “extended wear”, which means you’re able to wear your lenses continuously (even overnight) for a period of time.
  • Easy switching – With monthly contacts, you can remove take your contacts in and out as many times as you like within a day.

The Cons

  • Cleaning required – Monthlies must be cleaned after every use.
  • Not ideal for uncontrolled environments – Because cleaning is required, monthly contacts can be difficult if you are in a situation where you don’t have access to amenities to clean your lenses (traveling, for example).


If you’d like to learn more about daily or monthly contacts, schedule an appointment with one of the expert optometrists at The Vision Gallery. We’ll help you find the right type of lens for your lifestyle and needs.


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