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Eyeglass Trends for Spring 2014

Spring means change! Whether that means new frames to brighten up your day-to-day look or some fresh new shades for the upcoming sunshine, make sure to brush up on the latest trends in eyeglasses this year. 2014 has brought plenty of hot new styles and here are just a few to light your fire:


So you snapped a great selfie or captured the first Spring flower? Before you upload it to social media, it’s time to perfect that photo with just the right Instagram filter. Now you can embrace your creative side when you pick out your new sunglasses for Spring 2014. Wanna see life through rose-colored lenses? Do it! Love the look of an old school snapshot? Try gold- or sepia-tinted lenses for that throwback feel. Take it another step back, way back, and re-live your parents’ classic photos with retro-inspired frames. Designers have styled their 2014 collections using smooth 1970s shapes in classic wood and tortoiseshell materials.


After those April showers, blossom into Spring 2014 with floral and nature inspired eyeglasses and sunglasses. Many designers have drenched their newest frames in soft, colourful hues, reminiscent of dying Easter eggs and scribbling with sidewalk chalk. Some have even grown their budding whimsy into butterfly-shaped silhouettes and bold adornments– like shimmering sparkles and intricate rosettes. Make a statement with Mother Earth as your muse!


This Spring, geek-chic is giving way to a more subtle appeal. The “mathematical” look draws on geometric designs and combines them with understated lines and industrial materials. Look for matte, neutral colours featuring strong shapes that inspire elegance, such as triangles or hexagons. Think light and minimal not bold and chunky. Less Buddy Holly, more Basquiat. Less librarian, more architect. Black and white patterns also lend a sophisticated look to any style.


You can see clearly now the snow is gone, especially through your new clear frames. Leave your colour-coordinating crisis behind and embrace your face, see-through frames are one of the most versatile and dynamic looks of the season. Designers have integrated clear frames into many classic shapes, modernizing them for a new generation. Totally transparent isn’t the only way to go: butty, ombre, and coloured accents are just some of the ways you can customize the clear frame concept. On top of that, subtler frames allow you to make bolder make-up and accessory choices so you can take Spring 2014 to a whole new level.


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