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BIFOCALS & YOU: Know The Facts

orange bifocal glasses on a white backgroundBifocal corrective lenses are a fact of life for many people who suffer from two separate limitations to their vision. For example, one lens power may be needed to correct your nearsightedness (myopia)– but aging may have reduced your ability to read things close up or in a small font. In this case, bifocals are often prescribed by your eye health professional. Read on to learn more about bifocals and how they work.


Bicycle, binary, biped– bi- means two and that’s no exception when it comes to bifocals. Originally thought to be invented by Benjamin Franklin, bifocals have existed for hundreds of years. Well after the invention of corrective lenses, bifocals were engineered for people with eyeglasses that found they needed an additional lens to see things close-up or in dim light. The first bifocals were lenses split into two hemispheres for each range of vision.


As the eyes age, they weaken over time eventually leading to the degeneration described above– which led in turn to the innovation of inserting a secondary lens into the field of vision of your existing eyeglasses lens. This provides an effective and convenient method of switching between corrective lenses, so you can achieve regular vision. The only downside is that a visible line remains between each lens.


Modern and sleek bifocals feature ‘progressive’ lenses that show little to no separation between your fields of vision. These lenses are smooth and carefully constructed to limit any distractions or distortions that could be caused by the multiple prescriptions in one frame. These bifocals increase comfort and are less visible to both wearer and observer alike.

If you think you or a family member might require bifocals, visit or contact The Vision Gallery today. Our highly skilled eye health professionals will diagnose your issue quickly and ensure you leave with comfortable and stylish bifocals that fit your budget.


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