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PREGNANCY & YOUR PEEPERS: Eye & Vision Health for Pregnant Women

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The health and comfort of a pregnant woman is essential to both her and the development of her child. One unexpected area of concern during pregnancy is the woman’s eyes! Yes the eyes and vision of a pregnant women are at risk of serious conditions, if you fail to practice caution and constant vigilance. Read on for a summarized list of possible eye issues you can possibly expect if you are a pregnant woman.

#1: Dry, dry again. Often women report dry or drier than normal eyes during pregnancy. Wearing contacts can worsen this issue, while resting your eyes and moisturizing eye-drops can help a great deal. Always ensure any product you use is approved by your doctor.

#2: Clamp down. A condition known as preeclampsia occurs in a low percentage of pregnancies, but has serious consequences. High blood pressure, vision loss, sensitivity to light, blurriness, auras and unexpected flashes are all warning signs of this issue.

#3: Sweet relief. Gestational diabetes is a common issue among pregnant women, but many overlook the related consequences that impact eyes and vision. Diabetes-related blood sugar levels can damage small blood vessels like the ones in the eyes, causing blurred vision or even vision loss.

#4: Down with the fluid. Fluid retention is another normal issue that almost all women experience during pregnancy. This effect can cause subtle changes in the shape or thickness of your cornea– resulting in blurred or distorted vision.

If you are experiencing any of the above or any vision and eye health issues, contact or visit the medical pros at the Vision Gallery today! Luckily many of these concerns are temporary– ending after you give birth or stop breastfeeding. Treatments are also often quite mild, but always ensure the products recommended are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Our experienced staff is standing by to keep your family’s eyes and vision healthy for years to come.


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