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Why is Proper Lighting Important for Reading?

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A common myth is that reading in the dark can cause permanent damage to your eyes. While studies have shown that permanent damage is not caused by reading in poor lighting, there are many short term effects that are completely avoidable. Don’t fall victim to these easily solvable ailments. Read on for some tips to take into consideration when it comes to your setting up your reading environment.

Don’t Read in Low-Light!

Reading in low light causes your eyes to work harder, which can ultimately lead to headaches, eye discomfort and sometimes dry eyes. Nowadays, many people find themselves picking up their tablet or e-reader versus a paperback; however, just because we’ve gone digital doesn’t mean we can forget about proper lighting. Many people think because their device is backlit extra light isn’t required — this is far from the truth. In fact, the area you’re reading in should be just as bright (or brighter) than your digital device. Reading in well-lit areas will keep your eyes from having to constantly adjust between the brightness of the screen and the dimly lit surroundings.

Increase Task Lighting

Task lighting refers to artificial light that increases the lighting for certain activities, like reading paper material. Adding task lighting to your reading environment can be as simple as purchasing a clip-on reading light, or adding a lamp to your desk or bedside table. Gooseneck light fixtures are ideal because you can more easily point the light source directly at your reading material and eliminate shadows. This will also help to avoid unwanted glare to your eyes from the actual light source itself.

Whether you are reading a paperback or e-reader, it’s important to have the right reading environment to keep your eyes refreshed! If you have proper lighting, but are still experiencing discomfort or headaches, it’s time to make an appointment with your optometrist to get your vision checked. The Vision Gallery has expert optometrists and three locations to serve you better. Book your appointment online today!


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