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FIND YOUR FIT: Lenses for Every Sport

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Billions of people– nearly 60% of the worldwide population– need some kind of corrective lens for clear, healthy vision. With that many people wearing glasses or contact lenses, it’s obvious that they’re not all sitting still! Luckily, there are many options that allow you to customize your eyewear to accommodate or even help your favourite activity. Check the list below for your passion and the appropriate lens colour, all of which are likely available in your prescription.


Serious and casual cyclists alike should consider high contrast coloured lenses that allow the rider to see road hazards more easily. Cyclists should also invest in durable lenses for longevity and consider polarization for better glare protection. High speed or endurance cyclists should consider wraparound frames.

Suggested tints: Amber or dark amber, copper, gray, orange, yellow.


Whether on two wheels or four– on road, dirt or snow– vehicles travel at high speed and require fast reaction time. Polarized and anti-reflective coated lenses drastically reduce glare for drivers. Increased contrast helps identify obstacles, hazards or other dangers on the road.

Suggested tints: Brown or gray.

FIELD SPORTS (Baseball, soccer, track, etc.)

Mirror and infrared coatings can be expensive, but they do radically improve glare and eye strain reduction. Wraparound glasses offer full coverage and aerodynamics. High quality materials will increase durability.

Suggested tints: Gray or green.


Polarized and high contrast lenses give fishing enthusiasts an edge; the treatment and tint can actually allow you to see deeper and clearer into most water. If you drop your line at dusk, dawn or under overcast butts, an amber lens can drastically increase the effective range of your vision.

Suggested tints: Amber, brown or gray.


Emphasis on anti-glare. Consider your golfing habits and personal preference when selecting a tint colour.

Suggested tints: Brown or green.


High contrast is a must and high-impact, wraparound lenses are a good investment for high speed activities such as skiing or snowmobiling. Polarization help differentiate snow from ice– a major safety risk– and it drastically reduces glare.

Suggested tints: Amber or brown.


If you don’t see your favourite pastime listed above, consult with out experts at the Vision Gallery. We can answer any questions you might have about specialty frames or lenses and we work with you to find the perfect fit.


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