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Woman in glasses contemplating contact lensesFor those in need of corrective lenses, they can choose one of the following options: eyeglasses, contact lenses or laser eye surgery. While note every person is a good candidate for laser correction, most everyone is suitable for contact lenses– and eyeglasses are, of course, the oldest and most trustworthy of the options. Between contacts and glasses, there are many different advantages and disadvantages. Below you will find Vision Gallery’s top five pros and cons for each choice.



  • They offer sturdy protection from environmental factors and foreign objects;
  • Frames are a great way to express yourself or add a splash of style to your everyday look– in fact, many people wear frames without prescriptions to help accentuate their face or outfit;
  • If your prescription is steady and you are good at not losing or breaking your glasses, they are generally cheaper over the long term;
  • Eyeglasses require no touching of the eye, dramatically decreasing the risk of infection or irritation.


  • Frames can create discomfort on your ears or the bridge of your nose, especially if you wear them for long stretches;
  • Oily skin, cold weather, humidity– these are just a few of the outside forces that can obscure your lenses;
  • Strong prescriptions can distort your eyes or face;
  • It can be difficult to find suitable frames for certain face shapes;
  • Peripheral vision is limited, which can be further limited by chunky or fashion frames.



  • Technology is advancing seemingly everyday in eye and vision care– modern contacts are more comfortable and effective than they’ve every been;
  • Even prescription contact lenses can be tailored to your preference with different colours and even anti-glare tints;
  • No more fogged up glasses when you walk into a warm room out of the cold;
  • Eliminates the need for prescription sport goggles for very active people;
  • Wider range of view and peripheral vision thanks to their seamless fit.


  • Increased comfort level can make you forget your even wearing them, which can lead to intense irritation over long periods of time;
  • Daily care and upkeep are essential to their durability and function;
  • Contacts can increase dryness and straining in sensitive or over-worked eyes;
  • Touching in and around the eye can be difficult for some people;
  • While they cover partially, contacts are not effective at preventing dust or other foreign objects from entering the eye.

As you can see, there are many variables when considering eyeglasses or contact lenses. Only you can decide– and many wearers opt to keep both up to date! This provides the most flexibility and ensures you always have a backup if you lose or damage the other. Whether it’s your first pair of contacts or your tenth set of frames, it’s never too late to explore the options available to those in need of corrective lenses. Visit or contact Vision Gallery’s experts today and we will be able to answer any questions you might have.


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