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5 Tips for Finding Children’s Glasses

tips for finding the right glasses for your child

Picking out glasses isn’t always easy- and it can be even more sensitive when it comes to finding a pair for a child. Keep reading for Vision Gallery’s top five tips to prioritize when selecting glasses for children young and old.

#5: Fit is the most important factor when choosing your child’s glasses. Not only does it impact the look of the new accessory, but it also greatly contributes to a kid’s comfort and confidence. Glasses that don’t fit can also obstruct a wearer’s vision, so always make safety a top priority.

#4: Lenses may seem like a secondary thought when faced with the wide selection of frames, but you should pay close attention to them. Invest in protective coatings and impact resistant materials for both durability and safety reasons. Be aware that stronger prescriptions require thicker lenses, so that may affect your choice of frame.

#3: Frames are of course a very personal choice for any glasses wearer. Allow the child to have input on the frame, you may find they want a style just like those of a parent, guardian or role model. Both plastic and metal frames come in varying levels of durability and resilience, so be informed and choose carefully.

#2: Specialties can be catered to, depending on the needs or requirements of the child. Active kids may benefit from investing in sports glasses or prescription goggles, while very young children may need padded or wraparound earpieces. From specialty coatings to advanced lenses or frames, modern glasses for kids come in all shapes and sizes.

#1: Warranties should always be reviewed for the coverage they offer and their replacement policy. While a manufacturer’s warranty may seem wide ranging at first, but if it sounds too good to be true- it probably is. Sometimes the best insurance for children’s glasses is a backup pair kept in a secure place.

As you can see, picking out exciting or trendy glasses may not be the right choice for children- or it might be! It depends on each child’s temperament and attitude towards the idea of having their vision corrected. If you need help or have any concerns, contact or visit the pros at Vision Gallery today!


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