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Why You Should Have 2 Pairs of Glasses

two pairs of eyeglasses

Glasses can be expensive, so it’s understandable why many people don’t want to purchase more than they need to! However, investing in an extra or second pair of glasses can have a lot of benefits!  Read on to learn why you should consider having two pairs of glasses.


Just because it’s sunny out doesn’t mean your vision should have to suffer. For people who wear glasses, having a pair of prescription sunglasses is a must! Even more, you can always use your prescription sunglasses as an emergency backup in the event that you break or lose your main pair of glasses.

Accidents Happen

No matter how careful you are with your glasses, accidents happen! If you lose, break or scratch your glasses, you’ll be thankful that you have a backup pair. Many prescriptions take time to be created, so to avoid vision problems while you wait for a new pair of lenses to be manufactured, keep a backup pair handy.

Different Frames for Work & Play

There is simply no way for one pair of lenses to meet all your needs. There are many options when it comes to alternative eyewear, and they are all designed to make your life easier. For example, if you spend your day staring at a computer screen, you may benefit from a separate pair of computer glasses that help to reduce eye fatigue, strain, and glare. Sports and activities are no different; people who have a hobby that requires a lot of detailed work might opt for a second pair of eyeglasses that has increased magnification. Sports glasses often help athletes by reducing glare, or enhancing contrast. Make sure to talk to your optometrist to see what eyewear options are available for the work and activities you do!

Switch Up Your Style

Eyeglasses have very much become an accessory. You change your watch or purse every so often, so why not your glasses? Lots of people like to have a more conservative, professional pair and a more creative, funkier pair. Your glasses, like other accessories, are an extension of your personality – don’t be afraid to let it shine through!

Looking for New Glasses?

If you’re looking to purchase new eyeglasses, stop by The Vision Gallery! We have a wide selection of top brand name frames. Our team will help you find a pair of glasses that not only fits your style, but your budget too!


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