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Wedding Glasses – The Clear Choice For The Big Day

Wedding Day Glasses


When it comes to getting ready for The Big Day, finding the quintessential wedding dress is a women’s number one style decision, while for men it’s all about the right suit.  But an often overlooked style essential to look amazing on your wedding day is your choice of glasses.

With over 50% of the population wearing glasses, we think there’s an opportunity to take your wedding day style to the next level.  Contact lenses are a popular option, but it certainly isn’t the only option.

We’ve provided wedding glasses style consultations for years – with wedding season in full bloom, we’re here to share our tips and tricks for looking and seeing your best for the aisle.


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Style Your Wedding Glasses Like Another Piece of Jewellery or Accessory

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The way you accessorize is an outer reflection of your personality and style. We’re all about completing the look to support that, especially when it comes to your wedding day. Jewellery and accessories tie everything together and your glasses should play the same role. Focus on similar colour pallets to combine your dress, makeup and frames together for women or your suit type for men. We’re fans of matching frames in white, rose gold, and skin tones for the classic white dress while there’s lots of room for colour options to mix and match with non-white dresses. We like to remind people that completing a look with wedding glasses doesn’t mean you have to be minimal – tie your look in with everything from your wedding environment to even a primary colour of your bouquet.


Align Your Frames To Your Face Shape First – Dress or Suit Second.


Take advantage of a wide array of frames to find the one that fits your face shape first. From heart-shapes to v-shape faces and everything in between, your wedding glasses should aim to align and frame your face. For most face shapes there will be a handful foundational styles that will look great. Choosing from this foundation first you can then extend your options to match your dress or suit.


A Couple Examples for Women:

Trumpet and Mermaid dress types pair well with a clean browline frame to excentuate the lines of the dress.

A-line dress types run standard shapes and lines to look great with nearly any modern frame type.

Sheath dress types are a fantastic opportunity for a clean minimal frame.

Tea or short length pair perfectly with a funkier frame to match a modern look.

For Men:

We’re advocates of extending the tie and lapel rule (the width of your tie should approximately reflect the width of your lapel). Aim for a heavier frame type for wider lapels and a lighter frame style for thinner lapels and slim-fit suit types with your wedding glasses.


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Opt for Lenses with Minimal Glare

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Lens technology has come a long way. Anti-glare or anti-reflective lenses are your top pick to make sure you can see clearly on the big day and look amazing in your wedding photos. Keep the flash photography coming and focus on what really matters!


Glasses and Veils

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We often ask our clients if they’re planning on wearing a veil with their new frames to ensure it stays in top condition. Some new age frames may have aggressive edges, jewels or other decorative aspects that may get caught in fabric on a big reveal.


We want you to look and feel your best with your wedding glasses. With over 1600 designer frames available to choose from, we’ve got the selection you need and the experience in health and style to make your special occasion just that much more enjoyable. And the best part is? This is one wedding day investment that you can wear again and again!


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