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YOUR YEAR IN STYLE: 2015 Glasses Trends


A new year brings new style! Need help staying up on the trends? Read on to see our top five of this year’s hottest eyewear fashions.

Go Big Or Go Home

It isn’t up for debate this year: size matters in 2015. We’ve been seeing over-sized everything on the catwalks and red carpets lately– and the top eyewear designers are marking the trend with big, bold frames. Square, round, geometric, clear, smokey, dark; any lens or shape can work with a larger frame, you can easily tailor them to your style and face-shape. From business meetings to hangover brunches, stylish over-sized eyewear will bring a touch of high-fashion glamour to any outfit.

Eye Of The Tiger

The Little Black Dress; a great trench coat; your trusty black pumps– you know some things never go out of style. In 2015, we’re inducting a new fashion Hall of Famer: cat eyes! Whether chunky or slim, full-frame or half, there are few eyewear styles as iconic as the swooped-up corners of cat eye glasses. Considered classic almost as soon they were first introduced in the 50’s, the cat eye look is hot again this year. Look for the signature style interpreted by legendary designers like Fendi and Versace.

Fly Like An Eagle

Over the last few years, fashion has embraced military chic like never before. Rugged, utilitarian clothing and close-shaved haircuts are just some of the bolder styles that have entered the mainstream. Still, one military-inspired accessory has remained widely popular since it was first introduced in WWII. Yep, aviator sunglasses were actually invented for pilots in the 1930s. Their sleek design, convex lenses and large surface area all offer benefits to vision– and style! Try out designers like Gucci, they are having fun with the classic aviator shape this year with a wide variety of materials and lenses.

Break The Mold

Sometimes it may feel there is little else to discover in eyewear– but this year’s contemporary designers are breaking new ground. Some of 2015 most intriguing frames are like nothing we have ever seen before! Classic shapes are colliding with radical features and leading to jaw-dropping results. What’s new? Textures, ornate accents, bold prints, edgy colours: designers have employed all of these and more to make this year one of the most creative in eyewear yet.

High Contrast

If you wear glasses, you are all too familiar with the following choice: black, tortoise or metallic? Boring, right? Good news! This year there are plenty of wild frames to choose from if you are tired of the conventional look. Bright, flashy colours are in and that’s not all: you can push the envelope even further by adding dark or ombre lenses to a pair of colourful frames. A wide variety of shapes and styles have all been given the Technicolor treatment in 2015, ranging from classic to futuristic. Make your eyes and outfits pop with energetic colours and bold contrast.

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