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CANADA DRY: 6 Tips for Preventing and Treating Eye Dryness Caused by Canadian Winters

Woman using eye drops to combat winter dry eyesMost Canadians are all-too-familiar with the freezing temperatures and gusting winds that define winter weather. Along with these conditions, we also deal with the major obstacle of dry wind and air. Dryness impacts our skin, lips, hair and– yes– even our eyes! Struggling with dry eyes during the colder months? Read on for Vision Gallery’s guide to preventing and treating eye irritation throughout winter.

Drip, drop, drip-drippitty-drop.

Eye drops or, more specifically, artificial tears are crucial for anyone that wants to overcome dry eyes. Regular use not only soothes, but also prevents dryness from becoming an annoyance.

Clear the air.

Smoke is extremely harmful to eyes, so it is no surprise that exposure to smoky conditions can worsen dryness. Avoid smoking altogether and even though sitting around a crackling fire sounds pleasant, ensure that it is ventilated properly so you do not experience adverse effects.

Geography 101.

People that live near larger bodies of water often suffer less eye dryness. This is because the water provides humidity that is otherwise not present in more arid climates (especially during the winter). Pollution and smog can also be major contributors to dry eyes. Familiarize yourself with the realities of your environment to give yourself an edge in treatment and prevention.

Treat yourself.

Since winter brings harsher conditions, dry eye sufferers also need to step up their self-care and treatment. Take more breaks, more often when performing eye-straining activities like reading and working on a computer– especially during cold weather!

It’s a wrap.

Does wearing shades in cold weather sound odd to you? They are actually very beneficial! Read the Vision Gallery’s blog about sunglasses in winter and be apprised of the advantages. Specifically, wraparound frames are very effective at preventing cold air from drying out your eyes.

As with most modern problems, there’s a wide array of technology available to address the issue of dry air. The most effective solution are humidifiers— whether ‘cool misting’ or heated, both alternatives add significant moisture to interior spaces. They not only provide relief, but they also improve your eyes’ resilience to dry conditions outdoors.

The above six tips are just a summary of the contributing factors to dry eyes. If you suffer from dryness during winter, contact or visit Vision Gallery today for your comprehensive consultation.


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