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EYEWEAR CARE: Protecting your Investment

Eye wear is an investment.  Most glasses wearer will tell you that we forget to take care of them after a month or two. Daily wear and our busy lives get in the way, resulting in smudged, scratched, crooked and otherwise damaged eye wear. Keep reading for The Vision Gallery’s crash course in preventing scratches, as well as what you can do to revive an old pair of glasses, sunglasses and other eye wear.



The first step in preventing scratches and other damage is proper handling and storage– not using a case, laying your glasses lens-side down and contact with rough material are surefire ways to permanently harm your eyewear. The most common mistake is wiping the lenses with paper towel or Kleenex – these are made of wood fibers and wood scratches!! Micro-scratches can build up to a haze given enough time.

Next up: washing, rinsing and drying regularly. Spot cleaning can be done easily with a spray of our lens cleaner and wiping it down with a soft cloth. Regular cleaning your glasses with mild soapy water, rinsing with clean water and air drying every day will result in pristine eyewear for years to come.


We’ve all done it– sat or stepped down only to feel the material of our eye wear bend, crunch or even break… It’s embarrassing, but it happens to everyone! Even if you are extra careful, your glasses can stretch and bend over time if you wear them regularly. Bring your glasses into The Vision Gallery for assessment by one of our licensed Opticians.  We can help you determine if the frames can be salvaged by adjustment, or hardware replacement.  If it looks like a lost cause, we can certainly help you find a fresh pair of glasses to suit you.

If you spend your hard-earned money or health benefits on eye wear of any kind, it is in your best interest to protect your investment! Consult our tips above and bring any questions to the eye wear experts here at The Vision Gallery today. We can help you add life to your go-to pair in just a few simple steps. Visit our online booking portal, to check availability and book online today!


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