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Shades aren’t just for Hollywood snobs and blues musicians… they are important protection for everyone in the fight against eye damage and degeneration! Proper sunglasses filter out harmful Ultraviolet rays, which can drastically affect long-term vision and eye heath. Consider the following before you squint your way through another sunny day:

  •  Exposure to harmful light is nearly identical in all seasons, regardless of weather. 90% of UV rays penetrate cloud cover and can reflect off of sand, snow and water. You might not think of sunglasses as a winter essential, but a bright, snowy day can create one of the highest concentrations of UV rays to be reflected into your eyes.
  • UV damage is cumulative. Even a sequence of short periods of direct sunlight can cause long-lasting damage to your eyesight. Use of sunglasses must be regular and consistent to make a difference in your vision and eye health. UV damage of any degree has few short-term symptoms, but many long-term consequences.
  • All sunglasses are not made equal. Make sure your sunglasses are coated with a UV-protective surface. Also be aware that up to 45% of UV rays can still affect the eyes of those wearing traditional or small sunglasses. Large, wraparound sunglasses are the most effective at blocking out harmful light.
  • Consider a safer lens. Like sunglasses, contact lenses can be coated to help block UV rays. Ensure your lenses do offer UV protection and, if they do, consider upgrading to more effective products. Certain lenses are better equipped to prevent UV damage.
  • Start young. Children under the age of 18 are far more susceptible to UV damage for a variety of reasons. Physiologically, kids have larger pupils and the lenses of their eyes are larger. Both factors mean more light is reflected into their eyes. Encourage and help children to protect their eyes consistently in all situations, it is extremely effective in preventing long-term problems.


If you are concerned with your exposure to Ultraviolet eye damage, contact us here at The Vision Gallery for our expert advice. Our skilled employees can craft top quality prescription sunglasses, offer our highest-rated UV blocking contacts, or even pick out the perfect frame for non-prescription shades you will feel comfortable wearing every day! No matter what your need, we will find the solution to suit you and protect your long-term vision and eye health.



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