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Turning Heads with Coloured Contact lenses

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From costumes to everyday wear, coloured contacts are growing in popularity as a distinct and noticeable way to change up your look. With so many options on the market, where do you even start if you want to colour your eyes? You have questions, we have answers! Read on for The Vision Gallery’s quick-reference guide to the most common inquiries we get about colour contacts.

colored-contact-lenses-300x200What are colour contact lenses?

Colour contacts are very similar to standard prescription contact lenses– the best of them are thin, flexible, breathable and soft. Unlike standard contacts, the colour alternatives come in a huge range of tinted, shaded and even opaque varieties. Your pupil sees through a clear “hole” in the middle of the colour contact and your iris is then coloured, enhanced or otherwise obscured.

What are some examples of colour contacts?

Amber-tinted for glare prevention; translucent colour that compliments darker irises; graphic finish such as cat- or reptilian-style. One quick internet search will reveal seemingly endless choices when it comes to colour contacts.

Are colour contacts dangerous?

High-quality colour contacts that are properly fitted from a reputable source such as The Vision Gallery present almost no risk to the wearer. Some options can restrict vision in very dark or bright environments, but are otherwise identical to standard contact lenses. Like regular contacts, colour versions require the same care and safe practices to ensure your eye and vision health. Remember: never share, lend or borrow any kind of contact lens with another person!

Can I get colour contacts in my prescription?

Most if not all colour contacts are available in all sizes, shapes and prescriptions. As colour contacts are manufactured in many of the same facilities as standard lenses, there is very little separating them. As always, be cautious of from who and where you order your colour contacts– if it sounds too good to be true, you could be putting your eyes and vision at risk!

If you have any questions or concerns about colour contacts, visit, phone or email the professionals here at The Vision Gallery today! Our experts are standing-by with years of experience, waiting to assist you and your loved ones so book online today!

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Update on Face Masks June, 2022

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