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Beyond Carrots – What to Eat for Healthy Eyes

We all know the old saying: “Eat your carrots and you’ll be able to see in the dark!” While not entirely true, your body does break carrots down into vitamin A– which is vital to overall eye health. Here are some other foods that will keep your eyes in tip-top shape:


Kale may be trendy among foodies, but it’s an all-star in optometrist circles. Leafy greens like kale, spinach and broccoli are chock full of carotenoids—pigments found in plants—and antioxidants. Both are major building blocks in maintaining vision health, as well as preventing age-related eye disease and degeneration.


Both a lean protein and a source of good cholesterol, eggs are excellent in almost every diet. Healthy eyes are no exception. Eggs provide many of the same antioxidants found in leafy greens and may even be easier to digest. Also, eggs contain omega-3 fats that may benefit your retinas when included in a balanced diet.


Citrus is an extraordinary natural source of vitamin C. Often linked to your immune system, vitamin C is also an antioxidant that can help prevent cataracts and other forms of weakened vision. So think of your eyes next time you have some O.J. or a grapefruit as part of your morning routine.


Like eggs, nuts and seeds benefit your eyes due their richness in omega-3 fats. Additionally nuts and seeds provide zinc, niacin and vitamin E, all of which are shown to benefit eye health while slowing down vision loss. Just a handful of nuts or seeds once a day can keep you feeling full and seeing well.


Omega-3 fats, mentioned above, are an integral part of a lifetime of healthy eyes. Few foods are as concentrated in omega-3 fats as fish, specifically fatty cold-water fish like salmon, trout, or tuna. Whether at a downtown sushi bar or fresh off a campfire, including fish in your diet once or twice a week will do wonders for your overall eye health.


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