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Dita Glasses

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Founded in Los Angeles in 1995 by friends John Juniper and Jeff Solorio, Dita eyewear’s aim was to fill the need for inspiring, well made & unique eyewear the friends felt the market was missing. Dita Eyewear prides itself on creating well-made, innovative glasses in styles that perfectly marry the classic with the edgy.Glasses are a transformative accessory, able to alter the wearer’s persona and look, and Dita’s aim is to create eyewear for people who “live life on their own terms and refuses to settle for anything but the best”

Dita Eyewear is commitment to the 4 essential properties of style, quality, fit and feel. That is why each pair of Dita glasses is made from the finest luxury materials sourced from around the world, and made in family owned factories that have been honing their craft for decades. It is this combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern techniques that makes each pair of Dita glasses durable and elegant.

Every pair of glasses leaves the factory with Dita printed on the side, sealing the company’s commitment to unparalleled quality, stylish eyewear. Dita offered both prescription frames and sunglasses for women and men.

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