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Frieze Frames Glasses

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Vintage styles are made hip and new thanks to the designers and founders in charge of Frieze Frame. This line of eyewear calls their frames “jewelry for the eyes” and makes sure that each pair follows that aesthetic. The company is based in Southern California, and was founded by Jason Stanley and Marc Franchi several years ago.

Each pair of eyeglasses – all of which are made for either men or women (or both, depending on the style) are made to be prescription eyeglasses. You will also find sunglasses here, although if the pair that you want is not available as such, you can have the lenses specially put into the frames on your own. The Frieze Frame eyewear line is divided into different categories, with some styles named after people, and others after specific places, years, Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and even occupations, like Diplomat.

Frieze Frame’s eyewear is made of acetate, and each design comes in your choice of three or four different colors or color combinations. Some have tiny decorative details set on the sides and front, and you will find staid neutral colors and bright stand-out shades throughout the collection. It is these options and details that make Frieze Frame’s eyewear memorable.

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