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Spy Glasses

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If you enjoy skiing, snowboarding, or motocross (or simply want to look like you do) then Spy eyewear is for you. Spy eyewear is designed by a group of athletes and self-proclaimed “design freaks” for athletes. Their goggles, sunglasses and prescription glasses frames are all designed to withstand a drop down a snowy incline or a ride on a dirt bike – or a simple drive across town in a safe, reliable car.

Spy eyewear’s line up of frames that have been designed for prescription use are made of stainless steel, acetate and unique specially formulated polymers. Each pair has custom grade silicone nosepads, reinforced hinges, the metal Spy eyewear logo, and what they consider to be their “signature” – a squared off section of the top of each front frame near the temple. Like Spy eyewear’s goggles and performance sunglasses, these prescription frames are built to last.

Many of the styles of frames designed by Spy come in either classic or retro shapes. There are pairs that hark back to the 1960s, and others that are straight out of the 1990s. It doesn’t matter, as these classic frames come in basic colors and shapes that will flatter many different face shapes and sizes, and will stay in style for years to go.

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